Product News: SPT Labtech delivers end-to-end automated NGS library preparation with firefly+

firefly®+ delivers compact and intuitive benchtop instrument

07 Feb 2024

firefly®+ from SPT Labtech

SPT Labtech, a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, has announced the release of firefly®+, an expansion to its established firefly genomics liquid handling platform, integrating an on-deck thermocycler and increased labware capacity to enable complete hands-free next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation.

These additional capabilities build on the foundation of the firefly® platform, which incorporates technologies of multiple instruments, including modules for pipetting, dispensing, shaking and incubating. An internal robotic gripper promotes transfer between all functionalities without the need for manual intervention, granting scientists more walkaway time to focus on tasks such as data analysis and experiment design.

Central to firefly’s development is its compact design and usability. Unlike traditional liquid handlers, firefly+ offers the benefits of integrated automation without the need for extensive lab space or specialized programming knowledge. The complete system occupies just over one meter in width and sits comfortably on a standard lab bench. Its operation is powered by firefly’s visual and intuitive software that makes protocol development, execution and sharing straightforward.

With firefly+, researchers maintain full access to firefly’s liquid handling and process modules capabilities even while the thermocycler is in operation. This versatility caters to different laboratory challenges, offering unparalleled freedom and efficiency in genomics workflows.

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