Product News: Speed up multiresidue pesticides analysis with low-pressure GC-MS

26 Apr 2021

Low-pressure GC-MS (LPGC-MS) provides significant speed gains using standard instrumentation. Multiresidue pesticides, for example, can be analyzed in a third of the time required by conventional methods. While LPGC-MS is an effective way to increase sample throughput, it can be difficult to implement because manual connections between different tubing diameters are prone to leaks. 

Restek’s new factory-coupled, low-pressure GC column kit makes getting set up for LPGC-MS as simple as a column change. In addition, the robust, preassembled connection and integrated transfer line ensure consistent, leak-free performance. Ease of use and consistent results make this column kit an effective way to implement LPGC-MS, making the benefits of this advanced technique widely attainable for routine use in high-throughput labs.

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