Product News: Spark Holland BV Introduces NEW HySphere MM ion exchange SPE

15 May 2007

Spark Holland, a pioneer in automated online SPE since 1992, is launching new Hysphere™ cartridges based on polymer mixed-mode ion exchangers. These new cartridges are extensions of the existing Hysphere™ family, a range which spans both silica-based medium polar and non-polar sorbents and polymeric sorbents.

Hysphere™ is a brand specially designed for online SPE with Symbiosis™ systems, combining small particle sizes with optimized dimensions for high extract ion capacity. In comparison to traditional SPE sorbents, Hysphere™ sorbents need smaller elution volumes, resulting in higher analyte concentration and consequently, higher assay sensitivity. Furthermore, the Symbiosis™ system enables a higher sample loading speed, thus reducing the cycle time.

So, what are the advantages of polymer-based mixed-mode exchangers in drug metabolism, ADME, and forensic laboratories in comparison with other sorbents?

Due to the fact that the majority of extracts in bioanalytical applications are not clean enough, a requirement existed for mixed-mode ion exchangers. Silica-based mixed-mode ion exchangers have been established in drug analysis since the late 80's. In general, they are available as strong acidic cation exchangers with sulfonyl groups and strong basic anion exchangers with quaternary amine function, mixed with a hydro-phobic C18 or C8 sorbent.

However, polymeric-based mixed-mode exchangers have the advantage that they are not blended, therefore completely eliminating recovery or reproducibility problems. In addition, in comparison to traditional silica mixed-mode phases, the polymeric-based exchangers do not contain free silanols which may complicate the retention mechanism. Also, their analyte capacity is higher.