Product News: Sophion Launches New, Lower Throughput QPatch 8

19 Feb 2010

For the second consecutive year, Sophion Bioscience announces an exciting new product at a major conference. Exhibiting at the 54th annual meeting of the Biophysical Society in San Francisco, Sophion reveals the new QPatch 8 for lower throughput automated patch clamping.

This new product meets the needs of a growing market segment not requiring the higher throughput of a QPatch 16 or QPatch HT. The QPatch 8 employs the same, reliable QPlates used by ion channel researchers around the world for over five years. Labs with QPatch 8 systems may also upgrade to Patch 16 or HT as their ion channel programs expand over time.

“As a flexible company tuned to the needs of our customers, Sophion strives to meet market demand in the world of ion channel research,” said Frank Henrichsen, VP of Sales & Marketing at Sophion Bioscience. “The QPatch 8 is perfect for cost conscious academic, CRO, biotech labs and small pharma.”

The QPatch 8 is a simplified version of the QPatch 16, with two pipette heads (instead of four) and with manual feeding of individual compound plates, cells and QPlates. More detailed information about the QPatch 8 may be obtained at the Sophion booth at Biophysics (# 314).