Product News: Smart Distribution of Any Type of Liquid with Borosilicate Glass Syringes

24 Sep 2014

The reusable Dosys® all-glass syringes allow aspiration, dispensing, sampling or dilutions of viscous, corrosive or sticky liquids, dyes, oils or perfumes. There are now more than 10 different sizes in the range, from 1 mL to 250 mL.
These syringes are available with glass Luer or metal Luer Lock nozzles, so disassembling and cleaning is easily done. They have permanent enamel graduation marking and are autoclavable at 121°C, while two flat sections at the top of the barrel prevent syringe from rolling on the table.

These versatile syringes also benefit from:
  • Unlimited applications in various fields
  • Best tightness and heat/shock resistance
  • Budget friendly, high value and low cost
  • Ecology-minded alternative to plastic syringes