Product News: Smaller, simpler, safer: Streamlined GC workflows with the Precision Hydrogen SL

31 Jul 2021

With Precision Hydrogen SL, PEAK Scientific has engineered a state-of-the-art gas generator for labs requiring hydrogen gas to support their GC flame detector, creating a more streamlined solution for the lab's workflow.

Many labs performing GC-FID use hydrogen gas cylinders for their analyses. This has been the more traditional method of supplying laboratory-grade gas to GC instruments and flame detectors. However, by switching to an on-site hydrogen generator, labs benefit from having the convenience of gas flow available 24/7. Along with the benefit of on-demand gas generation, the Precision SL gives labs the freedom of no longer requiring repeated deliveries of gas cylinders or dewars which can actively reduce the lab’s carbon footprint. 

Producing hydrogen gas with a hydrogen generator means labs can have a consistent and dependable supply of gas. This way, analysts performing GC-FID will have peace of mind knowing there will be no disruption imposed on their analyses due to a gas supply shortage or a delay in a delivery – issues that can often occur when relying on gas cylinders.

Opting for a hydrogen gas generator is also the more cost-effective alternative to bulk gas delivery. By having an on-site hydrogen generator producing gas on-demand, labs will no longer have to face the fluctuating costs of bulk gas supply and can also eliminate the hassle and additional costs associated with gas cylinder delivery, rental and installation.

While removing the need for third-party suppliers in the form of cylinder deliveries and being fully end-user maintained, Precision SL significantly reduces the risks of COVID-19 contact transmissions in your facility as well as offering a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative by reducing the lab's carbon footprint.

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