Product News: SkinBioTherapeutics to Develop Scientifically Based Skin Microbiome Treatments

18 Feb 2019

UK based SkinBioTherapeutics is developing a range of scientifically validated treatments derived from probiotic bacteria for use in cosmetics, infection control products and for the treatment of eczema.

Led by Professor Cath O’Neill from Manchester University, a world leader in this field, the company will have the results of a double blinded, cream efficacy study in 120 volunteers in a few weeks which will be shared with interested commercial partners. This follows successful clinical studies in ensuring that the treatments do not irritate and that that they are effective moisturisers.

The skin, the body’s largest organ, is colonised by a diverse range of microorganisms which has to be managed for long term good health. SkinBioTherapeutics, patented technology, has developed a range of products based on lysates - extracts of probiotic bacteria - which will help keep the skin healthier and treat certain conditions.

The lysates work by increasing the skins barrier integrity through enhancing the formation of multi-protein complexes called 'tight junctions'. Tight junctions seal the space between adjacent cells to prevent the passage of toxins, molecules and ions through these spaces. They also help to protect the skin from infection by outcompeting harmful pathogens and increase the rate of skin healing in response to injury.

CEO Professor Cath O’Neill commented “My colleague Professor Andrew McBain and myself have been working on understanding the skin microbiome for some years. We believe that there are many treatments which could develop from our research and it has been very rewarding to have such interest from both leading commercial concerns and academia. What we believe is very important is that microbiome treatments are based on science and rigorous human studies.”

The company has also made significant progress both in the scale up of its manufacturing processes and the development of a medical device dossier for the eczema programme for submission to the regulatory authorities.

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