Product News: Siemens to Exhibit Virtual Product Display for Advanced Diagnostic Testing at IBMS

12 Sep 2013

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics will showcase its broad portfolio of diagnostic testing capabilities, from new assays and automation solutions to digital microscopy and online training at The Institute of Biomedical Science Congress 2013 (IBMS) in Birmingham.

The Siemens solutions will be available to view on a virtual display and are designed to unite clinical and workflow excellence, assisting laboratories to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. The broad portfolio of solutions and services from Siemens is united in its aim to detect and fight disease and transform the way life-changing test results are delivered.

During the exhibition Siemens will present its range of solutions using an interactive display. Several touch screens with presentations of Siemens’ entire diagnostic product range will be available on the stand. It will also feature a 3D augmented reality (AR) area.

The range of solutions within the virtual display will include the RAPIDComm® Data Management System, designed to standardize testing procedures, facilitate compliance and improve risk management with visibility of all connected Siemens blood gas and urine analysers. The DCA Vantage® Analyzer will also be available to view, featuring glycemic control monitoring tools and the ability to detect early kidney disease. It can be used in varied environments from the clinician’s office to remote sites in hospitals and multisite practices

The CellaVision® DM96 and DM1200 digital cell morphology systems, forming part of a distribution agreement with Siemens, can also be seen on the interactive screens at the congress. The systems automate manual activities associated with conventional microscopy using digital image analysis technology to locate and pre-classify cells in blood and other body fluids. This provides improved quality and consistency of reports, enhanced productivity and rapid turnaround times. Aptio™ Automation, a unified solution for clinical laboratories will be available to view. It combines peak performance, adaptability, and intelligent technology boosted by Siemens' automation workflow expertise.

“Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is pleased to be virtually exhibiting its products in an interactive and exciting way for IBMS delegates at this year’s congress. The entire range of diagnostic testing abilities will be available to discuss in depth,” states Ruth Powell, Head of Business Management at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. “Delegates visiting the stand this year will benefit from a truly interactive experience demonstrating exactly how we can help transform laboratory operations and set new standards in patient care.”

Picture caption:
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics will have the DCA Vantage® Analyser available to view on a virtual display at IBMS Congress 2013. It features glycemic control monitoring tools and the ability to detect early kidney disease.