Product News: New integrated high-performance liquid chromatographs incorporate intelligent automation for higher efficiency and productivity

10 Mar 2021

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments announces the new i-Series LC-2050/LC-2060 Integrated High-Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC). Building on the exceptional performance of previous versions, the i-Series LC-2050/LC-2060 models incorporate Analytical Intelligence functions, enable complete automation from start-up to analysis preparations, and allow remote monitoring and data processing.

Analytical intelligence advancements in the i-Series systems include real-time mobile phase monitoring, smart flow control, and i-PeakFinder. The proprietary i-PeakFinder automatic peak integration function processes large volumes of data with high precision in a single step, saving time and enabling more consistent results. In addition, with its Analytical Condition Transfer and Optimization (ACTO) function, and by maintaining the same internal system volumes as comparative systems, the i-Series simplifies method migration between systems.

i-Series HPLC systems feature an easy-to-use interface that replicates the system flow channel and simplifies the operating status of the system. Method editing can also be easily performed directly from the same screen. A Shimadzu exclusive, QR codes are positioned strategically to enable video support for consumables and simple repairs. The interface design, combined with auto-validation, instrument check, and system check functions, allows even new users to operate the system with confidence.

With LabSolutions Direct, analysts can operate instruments remotely and implement pre-configured methods using the web browser of a computer or a smart device. Instrument status and chromatograms can also be monitored remotely for increased efficiency and uptime. Furthermore, an automatic report creation function streamlines the transfer of results using pre-configured templates. With a network environment, reports can be created, reviewed, and approved from anywhere.

The i-Series LC-2050/LC-2060 models feature increased pressure tolerance to enable use for a wider range of analysis conditions. The upper pressure limit for the LC-2050 is 50MPa (7,000psi), and for the LC-2060 is 70MPa (10,000psi). In addition, these compact systems retain the key performance attributes of previous systems, including ultra-low carryover (<0.0025%), high speed (14-second injection cycle), and high sample capacity (over 1,500 samples).

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