Product News: Shimadzu introduces next-generation HS-20 NX Series Headspace Sampler

The new headspace sampler by Shimadzu provides high-performance and user-friendly analysis

24 Sep 2021

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the HS-20 NX Series Headspace Sampler that provides improved performance including ultralow carryover and excellent reproducibility. The HS-20 NX Series replaces Shimadzu’s HS-20 headspace sampler to provide analysts with an advanced yet easy-to-use instrument. 

The HS-20 NX series uses the isolation gas flow to reduce carryover to one-tenth of conventional models. It supports a wide range of chemical species, including high-boiling-point compounds and high-polar compounds, and provides reliable analytical results. The proprietary isolation gas flow prevents sample diffusion from the vent channel. This reduces carryover of highly adsorptive compounds and eliminates the need for repeating blank runs. 

Because the sample vial is loaded from the lower part of the oven, the instrument achieves excellent reproducibility. The unique sample vial delivery system minimizes heat dissipation in the headspace oven as the vial enters and exits, while maintaining high-temperature stability during repeated analyses. 

The HS-20 NX series provides high-temperature capability, as the vial oven and sample line can be set to 300 °C and the transfer line can be set to 350 °C. In addition, the sample path is designed to be inert and at the shortest distance, which suppresses adsorption of analytes, including high-boiling compounds, and peak broadening.

The ClickTek™ NX Column Connector enables users to connect columns easily and without tools, simplifying replacement and routine system maintenance. The HS-20 NX series also features a vial tray for easy access. Up to 12 vials can be kept warm in the headspace oven, and automatic overlap analysis optimizes the total analysis time, even for methods that require longer vial heating periods. 

The HS-20 NX Trap Model can concentrate the analytes in a sample by using some trap materials, which enables ultra-sensitive analysis. Because this model can be cooled down to -20 °C or less, it is possible to concentrate and analyze chemicals over a wide boiling range.

The HS-20 NX Headspace Sampler integrates with Shimadzu’s LabSolutions™ and GCMSsolution™ Chromatography Data Systems, which have a variety of functions to ensure compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare guidelines on electronic records and electronic signatures. It also supports third-party software.

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