Product News: MultiVIEW with AutoLOADER

Automated microwave digestion technology

11 Mar 2021

SCP SCIENCE has introduced the MultiVIEW with AutoLOADER – an automated, high-volume, microwave digestion system capable of digesting up to 300 samples per run with hands off operation. If increasing lab productivity is on the agenda, then MultiVIEW/AutoLOADER is the instrument combination that will help meet the objective. This is true, 'set and forget' technology that can be run overnight with digested samples ready for normalization and analysis in the morning. 

Coupled to automation, MultiVIEW can digest 12 samples per rack using up to 12 different methods to provide flexibility eliminating the need to run similar samples under the same method. This is flexibility! 

Racks have a quick vessel change feature eliminating the bottleneck around preparing racks of samples. Gone are the days of 45 minutes of rack preparation, 15 minutes of digestion time, and then 45 minutes of rack dismantling time. Tests show that the time to prepare a MultiVIEW rack is 83% faster than other racks in the market. This alone will increase lab productivity levels and sample turn-around time providing better service to a lab’s clients. 

Save more time and money by using our popular Quartz Vessels. Once the sample is digested, sample normalization can be run in the calibrated transparent vessels. Quartz Vessels are easy to clean and do not retain metals, as do their Teflon counterparts, eliminating the need to continually replace digestion vessels. Simple, and a big cost saver. 

MultiVIEW with AutoLOADER are constructed of the best, acid-resistant, materials suitable for operating in a typical sample digestion environment and providing buyers with a long-lasting investment. With their outer Kydex skins, triple Teflon-coated stainless-steel tunnel, and Teflon coated metal parts throughout, MultiVIEW systems are well protected against harsh acidic fumes. 

Multiple safety features are built into the instrument starting with the side mounted door – directed away from operator. Auto-venting of vessels is designed to vent away from operator. Multiple relays throughout the instrument turn off magnetrons in adverse conditions. 

Intuitive software is so easy-to-use almost no training is necessary. With a simple key stroke, the user can create/save/and call-up stored methods. Choose a single method for all samples in a rack or in a group of racks or use a variety of sample methods in a rack depending on the sample type; flexibility is at your fingertips. CFR 21 protocol is used throughout. 

A 15’’ color touch screen interface provides simultaneous visibility of all operational parameters and digestion profiles. Users can watch 12 sample digestions occurring in real time and have the ability to modify the digestion parameters of any sample on the fly.

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