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Product News: Restek Offers the Latest USP <467> Class 2 Residual Solvents for Pharma Analysis

12 Feb 2015

Restek is a long-time partner of pharmaceutical QC labs performing residual solvent analysis, and our support continues with the release of an updated Class 2 Mix A reference standard. This standard has been reformulated to include cumene, which was added to the USP Class 2 list in August 2013, and allows labs to successfully detect and quantify solvent residues incompliance with the latest USP <467> guidelines.

As with our other USP <467> mixes, this standard is prepared with the superior quality and reliability you have come to expect from Restek. It is quantitatively tested to confirm composition and stability, and detailed documentation is provided. In addition, being manufactured and QC-tested in Restek’s ISO-accredited labs means this standard will also help satisfy strict ISO requirements for the use of certified reference materials (CRMs).

Restek is your complete supplier for world-class USP <467> residual solvent analysis. Click here to find out about the up-to-date reference standards, Rxi®-624Sil MS (G43) and Stabilwax® (G16) GC columns, Sky® inlet liners, and accessories you need.