Product News: Quick Filling of Pipette Tip Racks: A New Solution from Socorex

Discover Socorex's new solution for fast and easy rack filling

10 Nov 2017

Socorex has announced the launch of its new Qualitix tipfill system for easy and quick pipette rack filling, which includes a re-closable cardboard box containing prefilled tip inserts.

To refill an empty rack, open tipfill box, take a new insert and position it into the rack. During transfer, a transparent cover protects tips from any direct hand contact and contamination. It also prevents tips wobbling during refilling. Once rack is filled, the transfer cover goes back into the tipfill box which is then closed to protect from dust. The system requires little storage space and may be kept on the bench for instant access whenever necessary.

Available in the Qualitix® pipette tip program for 10, 200 and 1000 µL, it is a practical and economical solution for any laboratory, keeping work interruption to a minimum. Recycling empty racks and reducing plastic waste are great contributions to environmental protection.

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