Product News: PSS Polymer Standards Service GmbH and Tosoh Bioscience GmbH introduce EcoSEC, the world’s first semi-micro GPC/SEC system for high throughput polymer analysis

24 Jan 2008

Polymer Standards Service GmbH (PSS) and Tosoh Bioscience GmbH have started a cooperation to promote and distribute Tosoh Bioscience GPC instruments in the European market.

Tosoh Bioscience is a leading manufacturer of liquid chromatography media and columns with a strong background in size exclusion chromatography. For more than 25 years Tosoh successfully manufactures and distributes GPC instruments in Japan. PSS Polymer Standards Service GmbH is well known as one of the leading companies for polymer characterization and is expanding its product portfolio with the Tosoh Bioscience GPC system. Both parties will put together all their experience and ambition to bring the EcoSEC semi-micro GPC system to a success.

EcoSEC is a compact, all-in-one GPC system designed for semi-micro GPC applications. It offers outstanding performance and short analysis time when combined with TSK-GEL multipore or SuperH series GPC columns. Key features of the system are the low system dead volume, outstanding pump reproducibility and an extremely stable baseline of the dual flow refractive index detector. Semi-micro GPC saves solvent, sample amount, analysis time and waste disposal costs.

EcoSEC is fully controlled by the well known PSS WinGPC Unity software, the macromolecular chromatography data system that integrates a wide range of systems and detectors into one software environment.

EcoSEC will be distributed in Europe through PSS Polymer Standards Services.