Product News: Protocol Wizard — Explore the New Meaning of Convenience

20 Oct 2015

All Biometra thermal cyclers with touch function, including the new Biometra TAdvanced, feature the Protocol Wizard for easy creation of PCR programs. The Protocol Wizard uses polymerase-specific program templates to create PCR programs by just a few inputs. Up to eight program templates can be saved in the software providing maximum flexibility and ease of use.

The Protocol Wizard allows the creating of two-step or three-step PCR programs. Gradient enabled devices additionally offer the Linear Gradient programming option where the annealing temperature is entered as even number and the temperature difference from lane to lane (increment) is defined.

Furthermore, the Protocol Wizard includes a primer annealing temperature calculator. The calculated annealing temperature can be transferred to the program creation screen and can be used for Linear Gradient programming. In summary programming has never been easier thanks to the Protocol Wizard. This easy to use tool enables a fast and convenient PCR protocol creation.