Product News: Prevent Sample Switches with the New KASP Exome Sample Tracking Panel

12 May 2014

New premium solution for robust & convenient human exome sample tracking and validation.

LGC Genomics is excited to announce the launch of its new KASP™ exome sample-tracking panel! The panel consists of 24 carefully selected and scientifically validated KASP assays that allow generation of a unique genotyping profile, distinguishing human DNA samples from one another.

• Prevent sample switches with this robust and reliable sample tracking profile 
   o Scientifically proven and wet-lab validated
• Convenient readout throughout the workflow by genotyping or by all major exome next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods
   o Easy set up in your lab or any collaborating lab.
• Prevent sample switches during any stage of your NGS workflow
• Fast: pre-validated and off-the-shelf
   o Delivery time < 1 week