Product News: Powerful Analysis in Pint-Sized Packaging from JEOL USA

26 Mar 2019

JEOL USA has introduced 4th generation benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that delivers many powerful features of a full-sized SEM in a small package.

The new JEOL NeoScope™ (model JCM-7000) was demonstrated in booth #3035 at Pittcon 2019 in Philadelphia. This benchtop SEM’s advanced technology and functions make it simple for users at any skill level to obtain outstanding SEM images and elemental analysis results in minutes.

The new NeoScope produces high magnification up to 100,000X with large depth of field. It features a large sample chamber, high and low vacuum modes, secondary and backscatter electron detectors, real-time 3D imaging, highly-advanced auto functions and the option to add a fully-embedded EDS with real-time, ‘Live’ analysis.

“Zeromag” seamless navigation

This 4th generation benchtop SEM utilizes “Zeromag” a feature first introduced in full-sized JEOL tungsten SEMs. The microscope seamlessly navigates across a sample to automatically focus on areas of interest and quickly achieve high resolution SEM imaging and analysis.

Live analysis

With our embedded Energy Dispersive X-ray detector (EDS), the EDS spectrum and major elements that comprise a sample are automatically detected and displayed in real time.

Live 3D imaging

In addition to live SEM images, the NeoScope can display live 3D images of the sample surface, including valuable depth information about the sample.

Automatic Operating Features

Automatic condition setting based on sample type and application ensures high-quality results and enhances productivity.  Highly-advanced auto functions generate images of exceptional high resolution SEM imaging and analysis.

Automated features include focus, alignment, contrast, and brightness for easy operation and application to a variety of samples.

SEM for Anyone

The NeoScope meets the need for a simple-to-operate small Scanning Electron Microscope, yet offers several key performance features of a high-end instrument. The NeoScope is the ideal teaching tool for schools, a screening instrument for quality control, and a flexible small research microscope. 

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