Product News: Porvair Sciences introduces Microlute SLE 96-well plates and cartridges

New offering promises quick and easy extraction of biological and aqueous samples

04 Mar 2020

Porvair has introduced Microlute™ SLE 96-well plates and cartridges to quick and easy extraction of a wide range of acidic, basic and neutral analytes from samples with greater reproducibility. 

Designed to provide a superior method of liquid extraction, Microlute SLE products use selectively sourced diatomaceous earth (DE) as the solid support to maximise absorption of the aqueous solvent to enable greater and simpler separation and elution of organic analytes from biological samples such as plasma and serum and aqueous solutions. 

With no inversions, shaking or tedious pipetting required, Microlute SLE overcomes sample handling issues commonly associated with traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). As a consequence, using Microlute SLE delivers significantly improved reliability, precision, automation compatibility and efficient clean-up of samples for chromatography without risks of contamination and time-consuming solvent transfers. Microlute SLE is also designed to be lab friendly, using significantly less solvent and glassware compared to liquid-liquid extraction protocols.

Incorporating  the 'Diatomaceous Earth Sandwich', in which this separating media  is uniformly packed between two inert porous filters, the Microlute SLE provides a robust solid system for supported liquid extraction.

With liquid extraction applications in forensics, pharmaceutical, drug discovery and clinical diagnostics, Porvair Sciences has written a handy protocol to enable you to use Microlute SLE and get the cleanest samples for downstream chromatography applications.

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