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Product News: Phenomenex Creates Reversed Phase LC Column Selection Tool and Online Application

18 Mar 2011

Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, introduces the Reversed Phase Column Screener, a resource that helps chromatographers select the most effective HPLC or UHPLC column for their methods from the company’s extensive offering.

Phenomenex provides a wide range of reversed phase columns, including flagship brands Kinetex®, Gemini-NX®, Jupiter®, Luna®, Synergi®, Axia™ and Onyx™. Based on decades of customer support and research, the Reversed Phase Column Screener allows users to search by compound characteristics, pharmacopeia classification, column used, or application.
The comprehensive tool provides a convenient way to reference and access application notes on the Phenomenex web site. The Screener can be accessed online, where a hard copy may also be requested.

When the chromatographer enters compound characteristics, the Screener will provide primary and secondary recommendations for fully porous particle columns with complementary selectivities, and a core-shell particle option for ultra-high performance. Recommended mobile phase starting conditions are also provided. Users in the United States can order columns directly from this site.

Chromatographers who search by application will find a range of options including amino acids, food additives, veterinary drugs and steroids. Once a relevant application has been identified, a complete method note is provided. Users may also search by USP classification to determine which columns they can use to stay within method guidelines.

“As the only manufacturer to provide fully porous, core-shell and monolithic reversed phase columns, our offering has grown to the point where users may need help in determining which option will give them the very best results,” explains Jeremy Bierman, brand manager for Phenomenex. “We have used our experience to create an effective tool that allows chromatographers to conveniently and easily find the ideal reversed phase column for their method.”