Product News: Phenomenex Adds Two Phases to Lux 10 µm Chiral Bulk Media Line for Preparative Chromatography

30 Jun 2014

Phenomenex, Inc., a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, announces the extension of its successful Lux chiral bulk media line to meet the needs of preparative chromatography applications. Lux Cellulose-3 and Cellulose-4, unique and complementary chiral stationary phases, are now available in a 10 µm particle size for preparative and batch chromatography applications. These two new phases join the existing purification media options of Cellulose-1 and Cellulose-2, providing a dependable, high-resolution screening set with a wide range of selectivity.

The new 10 µm particles are specifically designed for batch chromatography, and columns packed with these particles deliver increased efficiencies over 20 µm particles, enabling the use of shorter columns. This saves both time and money by reducing solvent consumption. The Phenomenex Lux 20 µm particles are still a good choice for customers using simulated moving bed (SMB) technology.

The four 10 µm Lux Cellulose chiral phases benefit from Phenomenex’s unique manufacturing process and silica coating technology. Lux Cellulose-1 uses cellulose tris (3, 5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) as the chiral selector. Lux Cellulose-2 provides a second chiral selector, cellulose tris (3-chloro-4-methylphenylcarbamate) providing a unique chlorinated stationary phase with chiral recognition abilities that complement the Lux family of columns. Lux Cellulose-3 utilizes Cellulose tris (4-methylbenzoate) as the chiral selector, a variant cellulose ester derivative that offers unique chiral recognition abilities to provide enantioseparation when other phases fail. Lux Cellulose-4 incorporates Cellulose tris (4-chloro-3-methylphenylcarbamate) as the chiral selector – a chlorinated cellulose phenylcarbamate derivative that offers unique chiral recognition abilities.