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Product News: PFAS methods with Restek’s Pro EZLC chromatogram modeler

06 Feb 2024


PFAS methods can now be developed quickly, virtually, and at a fraction of the cost using the Pro EZLC chromatogram modeler from Restek. The new 58-compound PFAS library covers most major methods, and the tool allows analysts to simulate method conditions and model changes before entering the lab.

Input your compound list to instantly generate an instrument-ready set of conditions. The initial model can be further refined to meet specific method requirements by changing the column phase and dimensions, mobile phase, and other optimization parameters.

EZLC models are based on algorithms and experimental data that has already been generated, so no experimental input is needed. The Pro EZLC chromatogram modeler allows you to speed up PFAS method development significantly with highly accurate liquid chromatography simulations. Drugs of abuse and nitrosamine libraries are also available and other compound classes will be available in the future.

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