Product News: Pall Life Sciences Showcases New Sentino™ Microbiology Pump at ASM Conference

01 Jun 2012

Pall Corporation will present its new Sentino Microbiology Pump, a compact, easy-to-use pump for microbial analysis of aqueous samples, at the 2012 ASM Conference. The Sentino Pump simplifies filtration while improving contamination control in pharmaceutical, beverage, and environmental water quality monitoring applications. The ASM Conference will take place at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, from June 16-19, 2012.

The Sentino Pump streamlines analysis by replacing the traditional vacuum filtration system with a small peristaltic-action pump that draws aqueous samples through a membrane filter. Filtrate is channeled directly to drain or waste collection. The unit’s compact design makes it easy to use in confined spaces and frees valuable benchtop space. It also provides flexibility in arranging workspace for optimal efficiency and workflow.

A soft-touch keypad featuring simple on/off and pulse functions makes it easy to operate, with no complicated programming to validate. Operating parameters are preset and fixed to meet the published requirements for Membrane Filtration (MF) Technique as described in US EPA, ISO, and ASTM methods, thereby eliminating the need for extensive validations.

“Pall’s new Sentino Microbiology Pump is designed to improve the overall efficiency of microbiology laboratories utilizing the MF Technique. It reduces preparation time, simplifies testing, minimizes equipment maintenance, frees up lab space, and provides a level of contamination control often overlooked within the lab,” said Larry O’Connell, Senior Vice President Global Lab Products.

Highlights of Pall’s other product offerings at ASM (Booth 817) will include the following:

• GeneDisc® qPCR System for monitoring water for pathogens. This system accelerates pathogen and microbial testing with an easy, rapid, reliable test solution. It provides real-time microbiological data in as little as two hours.

• Products from Pall’s recently acquired FortéBio product line that offers advanced analytical systems that accelerate the discovery and development of biotech drugs, an ideal complement to Pall’s existing microbiological monitoring platforms.

• AcroPrep™ Advance Filter Plates provide high performance membranes in an optimized filter plate configuration for diagnostic, genomic and protein applications. New sealing technology and advanced tip design result in faster, uniform filtration rates, improving well-to-well, plate-to-plate and lot-to-lot consistency.

• Pall’s new Microsep™ Advance and Macrosep® Advance Centrifugal Devices simplify many common nucleic acid and protein handling procedures, offering higher volumes of pure product and high recovery rates of up to 90 percent.

To learn more about other Pall Life Sciences laboratory products, visit the company page.