Product News: Outstanding Containers for Microwave Digestion and Simple Handling from Berghof

Small, manageable, but still safe

13 Aug 2015

For users in the modern analysis laboratory convenient handling is of particular importance in the case of microwave digestions since, after all, the digestions need to be processed rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. Berghof is the only company that manufactures its own containers for microwave digestion entirely from TFM™ PTFE. The material’s outstanding chemical resistance, its pressure and temperature stability and low microporosity, make it especially suitable for wet chemical digestions.

All pressure vessels consist of just three components. They can be opened quickly and simply by hand without the need for special tools. After digestion the remaining pressure is released in a controlled manner providing safety for the user, while the large internal diameter makes cleaning child’s play.

Berghof´s innovative top-loading design means that the digestion vessels are loaded into the oven chamber individually. Time-consuming assembly and centering of the rotor and the connection of sensors belong to the past. Once digestion is complete the vessels can be removed after a brief cooling period without the need to ventilate the system as well. The concept is an entirely successful one that brings with it outstanding productivity for the user.