Product News: OLYMPUS Stream software version 2.4.2 offers an improved image analysis method for steel quality control

The update adds device support and new capabilities to determine the non-metallic inclusion content in steel

13 Jan 2020

The release of OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software version 2.4.2 gives users even more tools to ensure quality in manufacturing. The software release includes an improved image analysis solution to measure and rate non-metallic inclusion content in high-purity steel. The new inclusion content mode detects and classifies individual fields on a large scan area, expanding on the software’s capabilities to detect and classify individual inclusions in worst field mode.

The inclusion content mode provides statistical results of inclusion content on the entire scan area according to three international standards: ASTM E45-18 (method D), ISO 4967:2013 (method B) and EN 10247:2017 (method K).

The new version also optimizes OLYMPUS Stream software for the SCHOTT VisiLED controller MC 1500, enabling users to easily control LED ring light illumination on their stereo microscopes and remove halation caused by LED reflection on the sample surface.

OLYMPUS Stream 2.4.2 software is available now. All version 2.3 and 2.4 customers may use their existing license card to update to OLYMPUS Stream 2.4.2 for free. Previous Stream customers with licenses for OLYMPUS Stream 2.2 or older must purchase an update license to access version 2.4.2.

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