Product News: New Upgrade to 1D Gel Analysis Software Makes Generating Accurate Band Matching Data Quick and Easy

14 Aug 2008

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions, is pleased to announce GeneTools V4 (a) 1D gel image analysis software including new rapid, accurate band matching features is available FREE to licensed Syngene GeneTools users by visiting the article webpage and clicking on upgrades.

This innovative version of GeneTools now includes tried and tested Dice and Jaccard band matching algorithms that can automatically match bands or profiles by position, Rf value or calibrated molecular weight. Since each analysis takes only seconds, scientists can easily apply both algorithms to their bands to find out which ones appear in both data sets and are therefore true matches, thus improving result accuracy and saving time by eliminating numerous confirmatory gel runs.

As well as improved band matching, GeneTools V4 (a) also comes with installation support for working with Windows Vista 32 and includes a series of informative tutorials to show users how to get the most out of this versatile software. These additions will again save scientists many hours of frustration when they update their version of Windows or try to find out how to perform specific analysis tasks.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager stated: “GeneTools has long been considered the best 1D gel image analysis software on the market as it is easy to use and can quickly analyse both protein and DNA gel images.”

Laura continued: “We are very excited about our new upgrade because it means once again we are pushing the boundaries of 1D image analysis to supply the time saving features requested by many scientists. This latest version of GeneTools will come as standard with every new Syngene image analysis system and is also available free of charge to researchers licensed to use Syngene’s GeneTools, guaranteeing rapid, yet accurate automated image analysis which will truly delight all new and existing GeneTools users.”

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