Product News: New UniSpense® PRO and OmniSpense® ELITE Peristaltic Pumps

19 Dec 2011

WHEATON has introduced two new Peristaltic Pumps: the UniSpense® PRO and OmniSpense® ELITE. These new Peristaltic Pumps have been developed to facilitate precise performance and operation, thus minimizing researcher’s time and effort while achieving accurate sample handling.

Designed to be intuitive dispensing pumps, the UniSpense PRO and OmniSpense ELITE are operated by an icon driven interface that features a large display screen. The systems are operated via a large 5” backlit liquid crystal display with a chemical resistant keypad and options are displayed as large icons for quick operation and easy recognition in any language, any geography, and any country.

WHEATON’s new peristaltic pumps are designed to simplify and accelerate laboratory throughput for dispensing or aspirating multiple aliquots, or even for small filling operations.

Another highlight of the new UniSpense PRO and OmniSpense ELITE pumps are their small footprint and angled polarized display, ideal for use under a fume hood or biological safety cabinet.

Calibration of the new pumps is easy: a single intuitive calibration screen walks the user through the process stepwise, thus eliminating time consuming scroll through menus and complicated instruction manuals. Additionally, the OmniSpense ELITE and UniSpense PRO can be outfitted and programmed for specific processes. Once saved, these programs have the ability to be easily recalled, ensuring a quick application turnaround.

WHEATON’s new OmniSpense ELITE and UniSpense PRO peristaltic pumps are for any laboratory or clinical setting where accurate and precise liquid dispensing is important.

“Throughout our history, we have witnessed the value researchers place in their experiments by the incredible focus and care they put into each and every sample,” says Stephen R. Drozdow, president of WHEATON. “With our new pumps, we embody that focus and care with the smartest interface available in a peristaltic pump to date,” he added.