Product News: New Thermal Stable HT Capillary Column for GC

04 Nov 2009

MACHEREY-NAGEL presents the new GC column OPTIMA® 5 HT with temperature stability up to 400 ºC. The new polyimide cover and thermo-stable OPTIMA® 5 HT-silarylene phase offers many features compared to classical GC columns.

Features include a longer lifetime, even at extreme conditions, and quicker analysis/shorter retention times due to increased heating option. It is 100% MS compatible/ultra low bleed with excellent deactivation/reliable quantifications even for critical compounds.

Fields of application - the new OPTIMA® 5 HT is of interest for all GC/MS users who deal with very high boiling compounds for example, simulated distillation (SimDist), petrol chemical industry/fuel industry,
hospitals, medical research centers (e.g. steroids) and the manufacturer of cleaning reagents/detergents (e.g. triton).

Further GC application notes could be found in the brand-new Gas Chromatography Application Guide/Technical Handbook.

OPTIMA®  5 HT is the alternative for DB-5HT, VF-5HT, HT-5, XTI-5HT, ZB-5HT and an improvement to conventional GC columns of 5 type polarity!