Product News: New Sensor for Photometric Titrations According to USP and EP

16 Apr 2012

Eight wavelengths for a wide measuring range (470, 502, 520, 574, 590, 610, 640 and 660 nm), 100% solvent resistance due to a glass shaft, and easy handling – these are the key-benefits of the Optrode, the new photometric sensor from Metrohm.

Whenever a potentiometric determination of the equivalence point is impossible, but a simple and fast execution of the analyses with the price advantage of titration (compared to methods like AAS, ICP-AES) is required, the Optrode is the ideal choice.

Application examples include:

• photometric titrations according to USP and EP (non-aqueous)
• determination of the carboxyl end groups (non-aqueous)
• TAN/TBN according to ASTM D974 (non-aqueous)
• chloride in silicone products (non-aqueous)
• sulfate determination
• Fe, Al, Ca in cement
• water hardness (total hardness and Ca/Mg)
• chondroitin sulfate according to USP.

Both new and existing Metrohm titration systems can be equipped with the Optrode. The power supply comes directly via the USB port of a Metrohm instrument (Titrino plus, Ti-Touch, Titrando). In the case of older models without USB ports power can also be supplied via an optional USB power adapter.