Product News: New Raman Navigation Application Package Allows for Easy Navigation and Sharp, Rapid Raman Imaging

17 Feb 2017

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Raman spectroscopy for over 50 years, is proud to announce the launch of their new EasyNav package featuring three revolutionary applications, NavMap, NavSharp and ViewSharp.  These three software modules enable Raman users to navigate images while remaining in-focus, to easily identify the region of interest, and obtain sharp, rapid Raman chemical images for a large variety of samples. 

Navigate easily through your image with NavMap application

NavMap is a new video feature that shows the global sample and the zoomed region of interest within the sample, simultaneously, in real-time. This ensures straightforward navigation and identification of the region of interest. The user never loses sight of the region of interest.

Navigate your sharp image in real-time with NavSharp application

NavSharp technology delivers sharp and real-time navigation on a sample image with any topography. The surface focus is readjusted automatically with the use of an automated Z sample stage. NavSharpTM offers sharp path imaging, and optimum focus at all times, even on rough samples. .    

Construct a 3D topography and acquire rapid, in-focus Raman images with ViewSharp application

ViewSharp technology constructs an image in which all surfaces are in focus simultaneously, and creates a 3D topography image. ViewSharp guarantees the highest focal quality in Raman images, by using the recorded topography which corresponds to the best focus of any pixel of the image. There is no longer a need to do an automatic focus point by point, making 3D chemical Raman imaging faster than ever!

Cédric Marchessoux, Software Product Manager at HORIBA Scientific comments, “The EasyNav package dramatically improves every aspect of Raman imaging experience, reaching a new level of innovation and speed to make this the most advanced sharp and rapid Raman imaging solution currently available. EasyNav , which is compatible with HORIBA’s LabRAM HR Evolution and XploRA Series Raman microscopes, offers a user-friendly navigation tool to deliver a powerful user experience for all Raman users.”

The new EasyNav package is currently available.