Product News: New Precision Liquid Handling Catalogue from Socorex

21 Sep 2007

Socorex is pleased to announce the release of its general catalogue 2007-2008. The 40-page document, currently available in 6 languages, guides the reader through a wide selection of innovative, ergonomic and safe instruments, engineered and designed with excellence in mind for the most demanding scientist.

Chapter for chapter, the lines of electronic and manual micropipettes, tips, bottle-top and compact dispensers, repeater pipettes, laboratory syringes, pipette controllers and all related accessories are featured in a detailed, yet clear fashion.

The dedicated Service Center overview chart makes it easy to select from an extensive service programme. Whatever the instrument brand, possibilities are ranging from basic maintenance and control to ISO 17025 accredited calibration certificates.

Get your personal copy from your local distributor and see what Socorex can do to make pipetting easier day after day.

For more information, to contact your Socorex distributor or to check Socorex Internet pages follow the article link to the Socorex website.