Product News: New Positive Displacement Micropipettes Designed to Handle Tricky Liquids

27 Oct 2014

Acura® capillar 846 from Socorex is a high performance positive displacement micropipette enabling trouble-free handling of viscous liquids, foaming solutions or volatile solvents.

The soft shaped handle and rounded finger rest provide for enhanced hand comfort. A smooth spring system reduces plunger force requirement. The instrument can be stored on the pipette stand model 340.

Among other relevant features, chemically inert ETFE tipped plunger material offers excellent resistance when coming in direct contact with liquids. Glass capillary tube and plunger are interchangeable.

Each pipette has five, easy to adjust pre-set volumes ranging 1 to 200 µL. Clear volume reading on pipette barrel. Pipette, plunger tip and glass capillary bear matching color codes. Instruments are covered with a three year factory warranty.