Product News: New One-stage Vacuum Pumps for Single and Parallel Lab Applications

07 Oct 2011

Vacuubrand have introduced new NT-versions of their one-stage diaphragm vacuum pumps ME 2 and ME 2C both of which have been widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories for many years. The diaphragm pump technology of the NT series means the overall pump performance could be improved for better ultimate vacuum as well as increased pumping speed. With the NT drive technology, featuring smooth running with minimized vibration, the new ME 2 NT and ME 2C NT are best suited to bench top instruments.

Single or parallel applications with basic vacuum demands and medium gas load can be covered. Typical applications include vacuum generation for drying chambers, filtration and multi-aspiration manifolds, as well as gas transfer and evacuation applications. Using the VACUU.LAN® mini-network, as optional accessory, supply of parallel lab applications is an easy task. Both, the aluminium version with FPM double-layer diaphragm as well as the chemistry version with PTFE sandwich diaphragm for aggressive gases and vapors, follow the Vacuubrand quality standard.

In contrast to water jet and aspirator pump systems, ecological oil-free pumping needs no fresh water and contaminated waste water is not emitted.