Product News: New MICROLAB® NIMBUS Streamlines Integration of Pipetting with Heating and Shaking

06 Nov 2009

Hamilton Robotics introduces the MICROLAB NIMBUS Heater/Shaker Package – an integrated system that incorporates high-speed automated pipetting with orbital plate shaking and heating. This preconfigured, turnkey package provides streamlined functionality for a variety of applications that require heat for solute mixing or shaking such as in colorimetric, fluorescent or luminescent bioassays, cell viability assays and magnetic separations.

The NIMBUS package includes device mounting hardware, optimized test methods, and a choice of either the new Hamilton Heater Shaker module or one of several VARIOMAG* Teleshake models. Pipetting can be done directly to microplates on the heater/shaker and plates can be transported to and from the device with an optional labware gripper. The integrated devices are compatible with standard SBS microplate formats and provide accurate Peltier-based temperature control and orbital shaking with variable speed control. Hamilton’s VENUS ONE software controls the heating and shaking method steps and parameter settings.

The NIMBUS Heater/Shaker Package is offered in three configurations: shaking only, shaking and heating to 70˚C, or shaking and heating to 95˚C. All come with deck mounting hardware, control box, software driver and test method.

“This new package expands the utility of our unique NIMBUS platform,” explains Rick Luedke, product manager for Hamilton Robotics. “In keeping with the small-footprint NIMBUS system, heater/shaker devices are mounted on-deck and do not require additional bench space.”

NIMBUS is an affordable, compact, automated 96-channel pipetting workstation that fits on any benchtop and in many fume hoods. An optional labware gripper arm with extended off-deck reach enables seamless integration with a number of third-party devices, and a new graphical user interface provides easy instrument control and method programming for users of any experience level.