Product News: New LC and GC Solutions for PAH Analysis

27 Oct 2017

Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, has introduced new LC and GC columns for the analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) – Kinetex® 3.5µm PAH and Zebron™ ZB-PAH. The Kinetex 3.5µm PAH HPLC/UHPLC column combines a unique selectivity for PAHs with Phenomenex’s proprietary Core-Shell Technology to deliver significant performance gains over traditional fully porous media. Zebron ZB-PAH joins the company’s large family of GC columns to deliver optimal performance when analyzing EU-regulated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. 

“Our new LC and GC PAH solutions deliver faster analysis times, better sensitivity and greater resolution for the analysis of PAHs by HPLC, UHPLC or GC,” explains Simon Lomas, strategic marketing manager for Phenomenex. “In addition, we have further improved reproducibility through direct product quality testing for critical PAHs.”

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Kinetex 3.5µm PAH features a proprietary polymerically bonded C18 stationary phase that ensures resolution between critical PAHs. Combined with a core-shell particle morphology, the Kinetex PAH delivers faster analysis times, better efficiency and greater sensitivity compared to current fully porous solutions. Additionally, the low-pressure 3.5µm core-shell particle enables customers to achieve these performance gains on either HPLC or UHPLC instrumentation. To ensure that the defined selectivity for PAH isomers is kept consistent, Kinetex PAH is quality-tested with both EPA 610 and EU/EFSA 15+1 PAH mixes.

Zebron ZB-PAH GC columns were developed to address a customer need for greater resolution of EU-regulated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The columns are individually tested with an application-specific PAH QC test probe mixture, and they deliver baseline resolution of critical PAH isomers, such as benzo[b, j, k]fluoranthene. With exceptional thermal stability and low column bleed at elevated temperatures, ZB-PAH columns have good lifetime, while consistent column inertness promotes accurate separation for isomer pairs.

Phenomenex also offers a range of sample preparation solutions for PAH work including Strata® silica, Strata-X® polymeric solid phase extraction products and cost- effective roQ QuEChERS kits to improve sample sensitivity and recovery.