Product News: New Extension Tubing Set for CalibrexTM 525/530 Dispensers

05 Jun 2019

Filling tubes or vials with a bottle top dispenser is a common task in many laboratories. In order to increase flexibility and make this operation all the more convenient, Socorex presents a simple system compatible with the CalibrexTM 525/ 530 dispenser line.

The extension tubing set consists of a rigid JetpenTM adapted to any hand, connected to the instrument by means of FEP spiral tubing. Upon activation of bottle top dispenser, the set enables quick and easy distribution within 60 cm radius.

Practical and safe storage of JetpenTM in a PP coated glass tube holder prevents any liquid spillage.

The accessory requires no tool to mount on any CalibrexTM 525/530, with or without a safety stopcock. It offers high chemical resistance and is autoclavable either separately or assembled on the instrument.

Watch this video to learn how to install the extension tubing set.

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