Product News: New Cell Strainers Enable Superior Cell Preparations

Your solution for quick and easy filtration of single-cell suspensions

17 Sep 2018

Innovative, fast and easy-to-handle: The new SARSTEDT cell strainers are made for safe preparation of single-cell suspensions of primary cell isolates and cultivated cells for the field of flow cytometry. They consist of a polypropylene frame with a high-grade nylon mesh in three different pore sizes: 40 µm, 70 µm and 100 µm. The color code allows a simply identification of the various pore sizes.

The circumferentially enclosed design enables convenient removal of the entire product complete with the handle, minimizing the risk of unintended contamination of the sample by touching the filter. In addition the cell strainers are individually wrapped in a sterile paper/plastic packaging which allows for an aseptic and convenient removal of the filters.

A further feature of the SARSTEDT cell strainers is the continuous ventilation during filtration by four cams on the frame. This reduces the ”Air-Lock“ effect, i.e. a risk causing the cell suspension to overflow. The stackable design enables multi-stage filtration of cell suspensions e.g. following organ digestion for establishing a primary cell culture.

The cell strainers fit in all standard 50 ml centrifuge tubes. For the use in combination with smaller tubes (e.g. 15 ml centrifuge tubes, 12 x 75 mm FACS tubes) an appropriate adapter is available.