Product News: New Brands Introduced for Life Science Research

19 Mar 2012

Corning Life Sciences will be presenting their brands including Corning®, Costar®, Axygen® and Gosselin™ at Arablab 2012. Learn about their product lines from centrifuges, liquid handling products, thermal cyclers, electrophoresis, shakers, plastic cell culture to microbiology consumables, purification kits and automation-friendly robotic tips.

Corning brand reusable plasticware includes beakers, volumetric flasks, and graduated cylinders available in PP, PFA and polymethylpentene (PMP).

The Gosselin line offers a complete portfolio of products which will address all your quality control steps, from sampling to disposal.

Axygen brand laboratory automation products includes robotic tips and deep well plates.

Their latest innovations include:
•Corning® HYPERFlask® Cell Culture Vessel
•Corning® Shorty Stripette® Serological Pipets
•Corning® Bar Coded Storage Tubes
•Corning brand reusable plasticware
•1536 Well Smooth Top Microplate
•Axygen PlateMax semi-automated plate sealer

Corning Life Sciences is a global manufacturer of tools and equipment for cell culture, bioprocess, molecular biology, drug screening and microbiology.

Visit Corning Life Sciences at Arablab 2012, booth #1012, to learn more.