Product News: New applications for imaging and cytometry in drug discovery

10 Sep 2008

Biostatus will be presenting several new applications in flow cytometry with CyTRAK Orange and DRAQ5: circulating epithelial cell detection; circulating endothelial cell detection; human whole blood differential; human bone marrow differential; and a rat bone marrow differential. In addition, data published this year shows the effective use of DRAQ5 for in vitro toxicology in both primary hepatocytes and HepG2 cells. In one study DRAQ5 was used to report cell number, nuclei/DNA and (phospho)lipid vesicle formation.

Biostatus has launched two NEW CyGEL products: an improved standard formulation of CyGEL, that makes it easy to work with; and CyGEL Sustain for the addition of culture medium to permit live non-adherent cell imaging for several hours. As well as non-adherent cells CyGEL has been successfully used with zebrafish, protozoan parasites and helminthic worms.