Product News: New 1 mL 96-Channel Pipetting Head Streamlines Large-Volume Assays

06 Aug 2009

Hamilton Robotics introduces a 1 mL 96-channel pipetting head for its MICROLAB® STAR and NIMBUS liquid handling workstations. Incorporating Hamilton’s proprietary CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology for robust tip handling and superior positional precision, the new 1ml multi-pipetting head (MPH) offers a higher dynamic pipetting range (1ul – 1000ul) without sacrificing accuracy or precision. The uninterrupted time for alliquoting runs can be increased with this new head, allowing higher consistency in time-sensitive assays and increased throughput.

The 1 mL 96-channel MPH is ideal for a range of applications that use higher volumes, such as solid phase extraction, cell culture maintenance, pooling routines, and ELISA processing.

“This new MPH is Hamilton’s first offering to accommodate volumes of up to 1 mL in a 96-channel format,” said Rick Luedke, product manager for Hamilton. “This new capability will help us address the growing need in the marketplace for handling of larger volumes using a multi-channel head.”

The new 1mL CO-RE MPH is compatible with Hamilton’s entire range of CO-RE disposable tips in volumes from 10 to 1,000µl. Black conductive tips for the 1mL head are available filtered and nonfiltered.