Product News: New i-series of Integrated HPLC and UHPLC Systems from Shimadzu Offer Innovation, Intuition and Intelligence

29 Jul 2014

Shimadzu, one of the world leaders in analytical instrumentation, has introduced the i-series integrated HPLC and UHPLC systems (Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph). The i-series concept combines innovation, intuition and intelligence for applications in food, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The analyzers are designed to meet the needs of any analytical environment with high speed, outstanding performance, maintainability and economics. The intuitive operation of the systems allows even in experienced operators to easily obtain high quality data.

The i-series (U)HPLC systems will help users to improve their workflow with automation, high throughput, ecological features and compatibility with mobile devices while maintaining adapt-ability with existing methods for easy transfer. In addition to the uncompromised efficiency and quality of analysis, operators benefit from intuitive operation of the color touch panel, remote monitoring and control by smartphone or tablet PC as well as advanced startup and shutdown functions. These features make the i-series an intelligent instrument which fits both, large labs requiring high throughput operation (i.e. pharmaceuticals, CROs and food & environmental labs) as well as small labs which cannot afford dedicated operators. The i-series increases productivity, e.g. in R&D, quality control and safety testing, while minimizing operators’ workload, cost of ownership and environmental impact.

Product features and advantages
• Innovation
The i-series provides a 14 second injection cycle time and 1,536 continuous, unattended analyses utilizing 4 x 384 well micro plates. This is at least three hours faster than existing models and competitor products. Changing or adding samples during a run was never easier, and different combinations of containers can be used. Useful options such as a column switching valve, mobile phase selection valves and an additional detector make it easier to run a large number of assays continuously while enabling multiple operators to share one system without compromising productivity.
• Intuitive operation
The color touch panel supports control of the analysis, monitoring instrument status, usage of the system and consumables. It assists with maintenance and displays a chromatogram. The i-series is also compatible with mobile devices for remote monitoring and control. In this way, anyone can run
Prominence-i or Nexera-i anytime and anywhere. This intuitive user interface reduces operators’ workload while minimizing the risk of human error.
• Intelligence
The maximally automated i-series comprises auto-startup, auto-SST (system suitability test), quick-batch function, auto-shutdown and auto-validation for system qualification. Instrument power can be turned off upon shutdown, saving more than 95 % of standby electricity. Solvent and sample consumption can also be reduced to one-fifth of the usual amount without sacrificing data quality.