Product News: Moisture Content of Cannabis is the Crucial Indicator of Potential Microbial Contamination

Determine it Super-Fast With a Moisture Analyzer!

05 Jul 2019

Super-fast determination of the moisture content of Cannabis is a crucial indicator of potential microbial contamination. Unlike synthetically produced drugs, the cannabis plant is more susceptible to diseases and contaminations. In particular, poor drying of the plants during drug extraction processes can lead to mold or fungal infestation, which in turn may pose a risk to the health of medical users, particularly those with immunodeficiencies. Properly dried cannabis contains 10 to 12 percent moisture. To avoid moisture contents above 12 percent, which make dried cannabis more prone to mold, you need to precisely determine the moisture content for example by means of highly accurate, user-friendly moisture analyzers.

Do you need accurate measurements to determine the water content in cured cannabis, raw cannabis or other edible products for quality control? Do you need accurate moisture results during sample preparation for analytics or CO2 extraction without waiting for hours?  Then say goodbye to time-consuming measurements with a drying oven and opt in on using a fully automatic moisture analyzer instead.

The MA160 moisture analyzer is designed for quick and reliable moisture determination of materials containing a total moisture in between 1% and 99%.

Its high-speed measurements do not only make the MA160 a perfect solution for quality control, but additionally enable quick at-line measurements during sample preparation. It accommodates a multitude of different samples and changing requirements by enabling you to use specific methods, which you can save and efficiently manage in the high capacity method library. Furthermore, the integrated Methods Development Assistant function will enable you to develop new methods or adapt existing methods to changing requirements or official standards to make sure you get reliable and compliant results at all times.

The intuitive user interface reliably guides you step by step by text prompts through the measuring cycle of your method. The intuitive user interface provides easy-to-follow text prompts securely guiding you through the measuring cycle of your individual method step by step.

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