Product News: Millipore Introduces New Service for Evaluating Mixing Solutions

31 Mar 2008

Millipore Corporation, a Life Science leader providing technologies, tools and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, today announced the introduction of a new service designed as a flexible toolbox to help customers find the most efficient solution for their specific mixing applications.

Millipore’s PreValidationSM Service package combines the experience of our application specialists with an extensive portfolio of test equipment enabling simulations of full scale mixing processes. The PreValidation Center outside Gothenburg, Sweden, and the Bioprocess Manufacturing Sciences Group lab in Billerica, MA, facilitate comparative studies, particle downsizing and emulsification efficiency trials as well as optimization of mixing efficiency and suspension of solids. Our mixing specialists can help customers upscale or downscale their manufacturing processes.

In addition to working at our service centers, Millipore can conduct on-site trials using a range of portable test equipment. The modularized concept makes this a convenient alternative for evaluations of new mixing technologies, low shear mixers, upstream mixers and high shear mixers in a real production environment. Our mixing specialists are available for trial support and guidance.

Evaluating mixing solutions in trials prior to specifying a process reduces the risk of potentially costly surprises. Investing in the PreValidation service package from Millipore saves time and costs by identifying the most efficient and reliable option early in the decision making process.

Millipore has evolved from a high performance filtration products and services company into a leading provider of tools and services and a key partner of choice for Life Science customers. We’ve transformed ourselves through R&D investment, organic growth, and acquisitions such as Chemicon®, Upstate®, Linco®, Celliance®, Newport Bio Systems™ NovAseptic® AB and MicroSafeSM. The integrated Millipore offers more innovative technologies and stronger application support to streamline processes and provide consistently reliable results.