Product News: Metrohm launches innovative ProfilerF Analyzer for total organic fluorine content

15 Jul 2020

Metrohm USA has announced the launch of the new ProfilerF series of Total Fluorine Analyzers. The ProfilerF Wastewater system is a single analyzer system capable of measuring the total organic fluorine profile in liquid samples and, with it, the impact of potentially harmful compounds on the environment. The ProfilerF Solids analyzer accurately measures the fluorine content of solid samples with dramatically improved accuracy and reproducibility compared to current methodologies.

The ProfilerF Wastewater analyzer is a new and unique analytical tool that simultaneously quantifies the total fluorine and free fluoride present in wastewater. Incorporating combustion technology, this new analyzer determines the covalently-bound organic fluorine in the presence of a 25-fold higher free fluorine background.

The ProfilerF Solids analyzer determines the total fluorine concentration in solid samples with greater sensitivity and accuracy compared to other analytical techniques. The analysis of fluorine content in solid samples is important in a variety of industries and applications for quality control, environmental monitoring and remediation, and provides insight and efficiency for manufacturing processes. For example, the concentration of Polymer Processing Additives, or PPA, is critical when preparing polymer masterbatches and to ensure final product quality. 

“For wastewater samples, total organic fluorine concentration is the next level of non-targeted methods for environmental monitoring. The ProfilerF Wastewater analyzer helps facilitate compliance with fluorine discharge levels to protect the environment,” says Edward Colihan, President and CEO of Metrohm USA.  “Measuring total fluorine in solids will give those working in a variety of industries the benefit of higher yields, consistency monitoring and lower production costs.” 

With the ProfilerF, results are more accurate, definitive and simpler to obtain, helping ensure process and environmental compliance.

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