Product News: Live Cell Imaging with White Light Confocal Microscopy

20 Sep 2011

Andor Technology plc has announced the launch of the DSD Uni their new White Light Confocal Microscopy system for live cell imaging. The DSD Uni brings with it the ability to add a confocal unit to almost any fluorescence microscope, upright or inverted, irrespective of manufacturer.

A key part of its design is a universal mount that maintains camera and confocal unit stability. It keeps the unique DSD feature of filter set exchange without disassembly, which was previously only available on inverted microscopes. The user benefits from alignment-free use of the confocal system, thus saving valuable imaging time.

An additional recent enhancement to this laser-free technology includes the ability to offer four wavelength imaging instead of just three. Due to the development of the motorized Andor AMH metal halide light source, wavelength switching is now faster, with light intensity to the sample being finely and discreetly controlled for each wavelength independently. This reduces bleaching and/or phototoxicity for your fixed or live cell applications.

Recently published papers demonstrate the strengths of the Revolution DSD technology: it offers freely tuneable excitation and emission filtering for newly developed fluorescent probes, fast imaging compared to point scanning systems, and the choice of imaging in confocal or wide field mode according to the users requirements.