Product News: LI-COR Expands Line of Secondary Antibodies

20 Nov 2012

LI-COR has introduced Goat anti-Mouse IgM secondary antibodies to provide customers even more diversity within its line of IRDye® infrared dye secondary antibodies. These antibodies offer minimal cross reactivity with mouse IgG1, IgG2a, and IgG3, pooled human sera, and purified human para proteins.

“Our new anti-IgM secondary antibodies are ideal for multiplexing in Western blot applications, using the 680 nm and 800 nm wavelengths,” says Shawn Mischnick, LI-COR technical product specialist. “We developed these antibodies to meet the demand from our customers for high quality, anti-IgM secondary antibodies.”

IRDye infrared dye-labeled secondary antibodies are cross-adsorbed and provide high specificity for many applications, such as multiplex detection. These antibody conjugates outperform visible fluorescent dye conjugates and are optimized for high sensitivity and excellent signal-to-noise performance on LI-COR’s Odyssey® family of infrared imaging systems.