Special Feature: Latest innovations driving sustainable lab practices

From reducing single-use plastic to product transparency, explore the latest technology that’s helping to make labs more sustainable

05 Aug 2022

Lab Sustainability Special Feature

Now more than ever, scientists and manufacturers alike are starting to shift their mentality on sustainable labware choices. Previously an afterthought for many scientists, factors such as a product's carbon footprint or recyclability are becoming key considerations when looking for the latest addition to the lab, with many organizations both large and small starting to set annual targets to reduce their environmental impact. 

In this dedicated special feature, we explore this shift in more detail, showcasing some of the latest innovations in this space and how their key features could go a long way to helping users achieve their sustainability goals. Learn how to ditch single-use plastic slides in your cell counting workflows, explore more sustainable methods of laboratory glassware washing, discover a fully integrated, turnkey tip washing solution, uncover how to reduce your laboratory consumables and waste disposal costs, and much more.

Reduce single-use plastic

REDUCE SINGLE-USE PLASTIC: Count cells without slides

Achieve your sustainability goals by eliminating a common source of plastic waste from the lab: cell counting slides. Learn how the CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counter from DeNovix is helping scientists around the world revolutionize their cell counting workflows.


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Sustainable glassware

SUSTAINABLE GLASSWARE: Washing with low consumption values and high efficiency

With three glassware washers currently certified with the coveted ACT® Label from My Green Lab®, including the efficient PG 8583 CD, learn how Miele Professional is making sustainable glassware reprocessing accessible to your lab.


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Reducing plastic

REDUCING PLASTIC: A fully-automated tip washing solution

Designed for labs of all sizes and shapes, discover Grenova's fully integrated, turnkey tip washing solution. The Automated TipNovus™ (ATN) Package aims to offer customers supply chain resilience and protection against pipette tip shortages.


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Sample preparation

SAMPLE PREPARATION: Stress-free working with less plastic and waste disposal costs

Explore how an innovative sample preparation solution can help create a stress-free working environment, reduce plastic usage in the lab, and cut the costs of waste disposal. Discover the Seward Stomacher® EVO lab blender with Seward Stomacher® Eco bags.


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Molecular diagnostics

MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS: A greener way to extract nucleic acids

Current nucleic acid extraction techniques generate large amounts of plastic waste and involve time-intensive protocols. Discover a technology that aims to simplify molecular testing protocols, while reducing consumable use and plastic waste.


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Low-carbon labware

LOW-CARBON LABWARE: Setting the standard for product transparency and sustainability

Environmental considerations of laboratory products have often been an afterthought, until now. In this article, SelectScience explores how scientists and suppliers are starting to shift their mentality on sustainable labware choices.


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