Product News: Labcyte Expands Acoustic Dispensing and Launches Into New Markets

28 Jan 2010

Labcyte introduces two pre-calibrated liquid class packages for use with its award-winning Echo® acoustic dispensers and POD™ 810 plate assemblers, which move liquids with sound. This expanded capability will allow its high throughput screening customers to not only transfer compounds in DMSO, but enables the transfer of a wide range of liquids necessary to assemble miniaturized assays for biochemical and cell-based screening.

In addition the Echo platform can now address a wide range of growing applications in genomics and proteomics such as siRNA screening, real-time PCR genotyping, and protein-based arrays.

“Labcyte has revolutionized liquid handling with multiple systems in all of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies,” said Mark Fischer-Colbrie, Chief Executive Officer and President of Labcyte. “We are now positioned to offer the same guaranteed level of precision and accuracy to a brand new set of customers who are looking to miniaturize their assays while getting better results and cost savings due to the Echo platform’s ‘touchless’ dispensing capability.”

“The Echo Screening Package and the Echo Omics Package allow customers to change applications, on the fly, without the need for custom calibrations,” said Stephen Bates, Sr. Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Support. “Our users can now run a wide range of applications where they need to transfer compounds in DMSO, or aqueous solutions that contain DNA, RNA or proteins, surfactants, and buffers. All of this is done without the use of disposable tips leading to better results and lower costs.”

Labcyte also introduced a 1536-well source plate which meets user requests for lower dead volume and increased working volume. The new 1536LDV plate cuts dead volume in half, increases the working volume by 12.5% and provides greater throughput compared to other 1536-well source plates.