Product News: Krystal - The Comprehensive Selection of Clear-bottomed Microplates

27 Mar 2007

With a wide choice of designs and formats the Krystal clear-bottomed microplate range from Porvair Sciences offers an optimised plate to suit almost all photometric and cell counting applications.

Krystal clear-bottom microplates feature a standard SBS footprint providing full compatibility with all automated liquid handling systems, photometric readers and robotic handling devices.

For photometric applications where samples are typically large Porvair's range of unique black or white Krystal 24 plates provide a perfect solution. Offering twenty-four high volume (3.1 ml) wells in the convenient footprint of a standard 96-well plate the Krystal 24 provides a large surface area per well enabling efficient cell growth.

Available in standard white or black, high bind or tissue culture treated versions Krystal 96 plates offer a versatile and cost effective 96-well solution for most photometric applications. For the most demanding luminescence and fluorescence assays the novel clear cup design of Krystal 2000 96-well plates ensures zero well-to-well light cross talk providing unmatched measurement accuracy and repeatability.

The Krystal 384-well microplate range incorporates novel square wells with a large liquid capacity of 120ul per well increasing the achievable sensitivity of most HTS assays performed.  Using a proprietary manufacturing technique the Krystal 384 offers market leading plate flatness (+/- 0.10mm) that translates into a significant increase in measurement precision and elimination of misreads when performing cell based assays using fluorescent imagers.