Product News: Irvine Scientific Introduces Continuous Single Culture-NX Low-lactate Culture Media for IVF

Studies show an increase in blastocyst formation rates

27 Jul 2017

Irvine Scientific, a world leader in cell culture media development and innovation and manufacture of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART),has announced the introduction of Continuous Single Culture® -NX, a next-generation single-step culture medium for embryos.

The new formulation contains the lowest optimal concentration of lactate in culture media* available commercially. Excess lactate in culture medium can be a contributing factor to stress in the embryo culture environment, affecting embryo development. Studies show that culture media with lower lactate concentrations maintain efficient metabolic rates in embryo culture for in vitro fertilization (IVF) applications. Continuous Single Culture® -NX was tested for efficacy in human clinical studies where it demonstrated an increase in blastocyst formation rates.

The energy metabolism of embryos involves the consumption of glucose, pyruvate and lactate operating in close equilibrium, however each molecule of glucose consumed results in two molecules of lactate being formed. Glucose consumption increases as embryos progress to the blastocyst stage resulting in excess lactate accumulating in the culture medium. Excess addition of lactate to the culture medium on top of pyruvate and glucose can create a burden on metabolic efficiency due to this natural production of lactate.

“As leading experts in mammalian cell culture media development, with a comprehensive product portfolio that supports applications ranging from biopharmaceutical production and cell therapy to ART, we have amassed over 45 years of experience in cell and developmental biology,” said Dr. Jessie Ni, Chief Scientific Officer, Irvine Scientific. “We appreciate the critical importance of considering cellular metabolism in our overall media development approach. Applying that approach with our experience enabled us to develop a medium that provides the optimal concentration of components for efficient embryo energy metabolism.”

Continuous Single Culture media are available in two forms; ready-to-use, pre-supplemented with HSA or without protein supplementation. Continuous Single Culture media are designed for fertilization and embryo culture through day 5/6 of embryo development.

*Patent pending