Product News: Introducing CORTECS C8 and Phenyl Solid Core Particle Columns

Two new options for better HPLC separations

02 Feb 2016

Waters Corporation has added to its CORTECS® Columns product family with the introduction of two new chemistries.

Built on Waters proven solid-core particle technology, the Waters®CORTECS C8 and CORTECS Phenyl analytical columns are designed for scientists who need to expand their chromatographic separation space while maximizing the speed, resolution and sensitivity of their small molecule HPLC, UHPLC or UPLC®separations. Capable of operating at very high column efficiencies and low backpressures, the new columns give scientists additional selectivity choices and allow them to develop methods quickly, and generate more information with every analytical run. The CORTECS C8 and CORTECS Phenyl chemistries are available in two particle sizes, 1.6 and 2.7 micron, and are offered in a total of 50 unique column configurations.

“With the addition of these new columns, Waters now gives laboratories additional options for improving the resolution, speed, and sensitivity of their separations,” said Michael Yelle, Vice President - Consumables, Waters Technologies Corporation. “We are committed to expanding the selectivity space of the CORTECS solid-core column line while maintaining the market leading batch-to-batch reproducibility, robustness and quality our customers have come to expect from Waters.”

CORTECS C8 Columns exhibit a lower hydrophobicity when compared to typical bonded C18 phases and are useful for separating strongly hydrophobic compounds. They are also ideal for chemists looking to transfer or scale compendial C8 HPLC methods to a more robust column technology.

CORTECS Phenyl Columns are an excellent alternative to typically bonded C18 phases, particularly for aromatic compounds, based on the unique selectivity provided by the Phenyl bonded phase.

Both the 1.6 and 2.7 micron CORTECS C8 and CORTECS Phenyl columns are fully scalable for the seamless transfer of methods between the two particle sizes.

The CORTECS UPLC 1.6 micron particle columns are designed to yield maximum efficiency when used with the ultra-low dispersion Waters ACQUITY® UPLC® instrument platform. In the separations market space, CORTECS UPLC 1.6 micron columns offer to scientists previously unattainable levels of performance.

The CORTECS 2.7-micron particle columns are designed for maximum flexibility for use on both UHPLC and HPLC instrument platforms. CORTECS 2.7 micron columns run at lower backpressures while delivering high efficiencies, which allows for the use of longer column lengths to improve resolution or higher flow rates to speed instrument analysis times and increase throughput.

The two new chemistries complement the existing CORTECS C18+, C18, and HILIC chemistries in Waters current CORTECS product portfolio.